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Year 5 Welcome Letter

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 Term 1 Topic Map 

Year five have had a fantastic start to the term! During science, we have learnt the order of the planets in our solar system from the sun and analysed evidence for the Earth being spherical or flat. We have thought critically about why scientists from the past thought what they did eg. the Earth being the centre of the universe, and how modern evidence has changed our beliefs. We have enjoyed building on our knowledge of OS maps by finding the meaning of symbols and are excited to use our knowledge when we explore Willesborough! Taking inspiration from our observational drawings of sticks and leaves, in art, we have designed ‘nature typefaces’ to represent words associated with the great outdoors. 

Term 2 Topic Map 

Year 5 had an amazing Term 2! We all enjoyed our brilliant Tudor dressing up day - the costumes were fantastic! The children participated in a variety of activities, including making sugar fruit, playing a Tudor board game and making Tudor roses. Our Tudor learning was topped off by a visit to Leeds Castle, where we learnt about the changes Henry VIII made to the castle whilst married to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. Our English text 'Treason' was also set in the Tudor times and was the inspiration for many great pieces of writing, including complaining about the gruesome conditions of Tudor prisons. In science, we had fun learning about forces by conducting experiments such as making our own streamlined boats and testing how the size of parachutes effect the speed of their fall. As well as this, the children designed and made electronic greeting cards in DT, which looked fantastic! Well done to all the year 5 children for all their hard work in Term 2 and we look forward to more fun and learning in Term 3!

Term 3 Topic Map 

Year 5 are halfway through the year already - where has the time gone? Term 3 was an exciting term which flew by. In geography, we compared different cities in varying countries in North America. We discovered how their climates influenced their culture, crops and populations. We also learnt about the importance of physical and human features, in particular, the Panama canal and its impact on trade world-wide. In citizenship, we learnt about justice and fairness. We made connections between this and the British justice system - the children enjoyed performing a mock trial. During science, we explored the properties different materials possess and conducted experiments to test them. In art, the children explored different art media. Using mixed media artists as inspiration, children created fantastic North American landscape pieces using a combination of ink and pastels or fine line pens and water colour. We were very impressed by the skilled artists we have in our year group! 

Term 4 

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 Year 5 & 6 Learning Cafe

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