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Welcome to Year 4 

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Below you will find short profiles about the grown-ups in our Year 4 classes. 

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Year 4 Welcome Letter 

year 4 welcome letter.pdf

 Term 1 Topic Map

What an exciting start to the term we have had! It has been a journey of academic growth, exploration, and memorable experiences.

Let’s hear what the children have to say…          

Lillian: My favourite part was learning about Roman Numerals because I like the song we sing. We learned about really big numbers and how to put them in order. Adding and subtracting big numbers was a bit tricky, but it's like solving puzzles. I love it when we use math to solve problems!

Haillie: Art was my favourite subject this term. We looked at all kinds of artists and tried out their techniques. I made my own special self-portrait, and I think I'm getting better at art. It's been amazing!

Iason: Computers are so cool! We learned how to make them do what we want. I like to play on Scratch and change the backdrops and sprites. It started with controlling things on the computer, and now we're going to make our own programs. It's like magic, but we're the wizards!

Bethany: French class was a journey to France! We looked at maps and talked about towns. We even talked about our own towns. It's like learning a password to speak another language!

David: Oh, PE is so fun! We played netball and learned to work together as a team. And in gymnastics, we got better at doing cool moves and controlling our bodies. It's been so much fun!

Fred: Science was all about our bodies this term. We looked at how our tummies work and what our teeth do. I love doing the experiments. We even made food chains like in the wild. It was like being a scientist!

Lola-Fay: English class was super fun this term with Miss. Waterhouse! We read 'The Egyptian Cinderella' by Shirley Climo, and it made our imaginations go wild. I have gone a little bit crazy – excited crazy. We made up our own stories and even acted them out. My writing got heaps better, and that makes me really happy!

Bella-Rose: Citizenship class was like opening a treasure chest of knowledge this term. We’ve learned about keeping safe online. We also spoke about how bullying is a big no-no, and we learned how to stop it. My friends and I all agree that being kind is the way to go!

Amelie: History class was like taking a time machine back to Ancient Egypt! We learned about the River Nile and what people believed about the afterlife. It's like we met real mummies and pharaohs.

Fletcher: In Religious Education, we learned about what is important to us and what is important to others. It's important to understand different ways of thinking, and it's been really interesting. We should all respect each other's beliefs and be kind to everyone.

Beyond the Classroom:

There is always an exhilarating buzz in Year 4 and we have enjoyed engaging in a range of after school clubs too - art, times tables, choir, football and netball to name a few! The reintroduction of the "Daily Mile" has been a refreshing addition to our daily routine too, providing children with the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and engage in meaningful conversations while promoting physical fitness and well-being.

Thank you – parents and carers – for your support along the journey so far! Here’s to a fantastic Year 4!

Term 2 Topic Map 

 What a remarkable Term 2! We all really enjoyed ‘The Land of the Giants’ theme, inspired by the BFG and created some excellent pieces of writing as a result. In December, we received a visit from the Dogs Trust who taught us how to be safe around dogs. At the end of term, we held a Christmas decoration workshop where children could show case their Science learning on electricity. Thank you to the parents that came and helped to make this event a success!  

We look forward to developing our skills further in the new year – have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Term 3 Topic Map 

Learning about the history of Britain was really interesting! We delved into the past and explored the different invasions and occupations that took place long ago. In our history lessons, we travelled back in time and focused on the fascinating Anglo-Saxon invasions. We discovered intriguing stories about who they were and how their actions shaped our world today. Each chapter of our journey through time taught us something new about the complexities of human civilisation and how it continues to shape our future. We enjoyed bringing our learning to life on our Anglo-Saxon day where we: built shields, crafted jewellery, constructed and tested Anglo-Saxon boats and participated in team challenges.

We also enjoyed reading ‘The Land of Roar’ by Jenny McLachlan, exploring the characters and imaginative journeys. This inspired us to create our own persuasive book trailers, diary entries and adventure plots.

Term 4

Term 5 Topic Map 

Our Core Texts

Year 4 Learning Cafe

Parents and carers were invited to an informative session to learn how spelling and reading is taught in our school. Children joined their grown-ups afterwards to complete learning activities together.