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At the Willesborough Schools, we aim to inspire and develop as many scientists as possible.  Starting in Early Years, children are immersed in environments whereby vocabulary is pivotal.  Our aim is for science vocabulary to underpin their experiences and enable children from reception to year 6 to become ‘scientists’, who can articulate their knowledge well.  Our children are encouraged to be curious, ask questions and follow leads of enquiry to discover answers through use of their ‘Working Scientifically’ skills. 

Our curriculum is based on the acquisition of knowledge, skills and vocabulary with a focus on children knowing more and remembering more.  Our children will be taught about a new key scientist each year, introduced to key concepts and then given opportunities to consolidate and deepen their understanding through experiential, practical learning.  As a result, all children, including SEND, will have the same opportunities to achieve and shine.  Teachers make it explicit to children that they are learning science skills and that they are being ‘scientists'.  Clear progression across year groups allows children to revisit and recap prior learning in order to embed skills and knowledge. 

Science Curriculum

Science Vocabulary

Science overview

Key Scientist video

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Home Learning

During our school closure, the teaching staff pre-recorded science lessons that the children could access at home. 

Here are some examples of our pre-recorded science lessons: