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Parental Involvement


We always welcome ideas and feedback from parents.

Please come in or get in touch at any time if you have an idea, a question or something you would like to discuss.  Our office staff will point you in the direction or signpost you to the best person to speak to.

Fran (Executive Headteacher), Andrea and Flick (Assistant Headteachers), Ree (Behaviour Support Practitioner), Kelly Bowles( Assistant FLO), Sarah Pepper(Welfare Practitioner) and Anna (Family Liaison Oficer) are available at the school gates at the start of the school day. Year three and year four class teachers enjoy daily face to face contact with parents too. Year five and six teachers are happy to be on hand when needed.

Please don't hesitate to ask a question or talk to us.  If you are a working parent, we can always talk to you over the phone or arrange to meet you later in the day (at a time that will suit you - we don't finish at 3pm).

If the matter you would like to discuss is concerning your child, it is always best to speak to your child's class teacher.  They, of course, know your child best and are most equipped to help.

 Opportunities to come into school

We want to work with you as parents and carers to ensure that you have as many opportunities as possible to engage with school and work with us to support your child in their learning.  

In addition to a great range of parenting courses and workshops, there are many opportunities for you to visit us:

Parent/Teacher Meetings

These are held three times a year.  This is a formal opportunity for you to meet with your child's class teacher and discuss the progress your child has made.  An integral part of this discussion is your child's next steps for learning and how you can support them in achieving these.

The Big Breakfast Quiz 

This takes place at the beginning of every term.  You are invited to come in to school at 8.25am and enjoy eating breakfast with your child in the school hall.  After breakfast you can take part in a fun curriculum quiz with your child/children. You will definitely be impressed with your child's knowledge. 

Walk in Wednesday

These take place on the last Wednesday of every term.  You are invited to come in to school with your child at the end of the day to tour the school, view their learning environment, view the work your child has covered and informally chat to the teachers. There is often an exhibition, display or activity to take part in too. 

Birthday Get Together

Always take place on the last Friday of every month.  In the month of your child's birthday, you are invited to come in to school to celebrate their birthday in a short assembly in the school hall.

There are several other opportunities for you to come in and celebrate special events with your child.
Information regarding all the opportunities we offer are provided on our events leaflet and detailed on weekly newsletters.

 Please see our parent offer for the opportunities for you to come into school…

Parent Offer

Parent Helpers

Coming in to school to help is not just beneficial to the children, it's fun and rewarding and it gives you a good insight into what goes on too!

You may be able to come in every week or you may like to come in on an occasional or 'ad hoc' basis to help with a special event.  We hold a parent helpers meeting at the start of each year and a celebration tea party at the end. You can join the team at any time. Andrea and Flick our Assistant Headteachers, co-ordinate parent helper provision.  Get in touch with them via the school office or catch them on the gate to find out more.

Helping Heroes

Helping Heroes is also now up and running.  If you can't come in to school, perhaps you would like to take some resources home to cut for us?   Visit the office to sign up and see what resources you can help with. 

Guys R Us

Guys ‘R’ Us is an initiative to get more male role models involved with the learning and development of the children at Willesborough Junior School.

Are you a Grandad? A Dad?  An Uncle?  A Step-Dad?  A father figure?  An important male figure in one of our children’s lives?  Would you like to get more involved with your child’s/children’s development at Willesborough Junior School?  Guys ‘R’ Us could be just what you are looking for!

As a school, we understand how busy parents are with work commitments and life in general. Therefore, these sessions take place on Saturday mornings between 10.00am-11:30am; parents and grown-ups felt that this was the most appropriate time for these sessions to take place and due to popular demand, we now offer these sessions once a month.  We offer a range of activities for you and your children to take part in, including:  

* Sporting activities

* Art and craft activities

* Reading

* Food making

*Construction making


Please keep an eye out for the termly Guys ‘R’ Us letters if you are interested in attending.  In the meantime, take a look at some of the photos from a recent event.

We look forward to seeing you at a Guys ‘R’ Us event soon!


We offer a range of workshops and courses for parents throughout the year. 

Some are run in partnership with the Infant School.

Click here for the Year 3/4 Maths Learning Cafe presentation

Click here for the E-Safety information session presentation


Over the past two years, we have greatly appreciated the positive feedback parents have given to us in relation to the many changes and improvements made to the school.

Parents have written about and commented on:

  • The increased and now considerable number of opportunities they have to come in to school, for example: learning café’s, learning workshops, Birthday get together, Guys R Us, wellbeing workshops, activity breakfasts and Walk in Wednesdays.
  • The increasing number of joint events.
  • The improvements made to buildings, learning environments and resources for the children.
  • The increased ratio of adults to children and especially the smaller number of children in year six classes.
  • The wealth of incentives towards better outcomes available to the children.
  • The introduction and development of the school’s pastoral support (or wellbeing and inclusion team).
  • The increased expectations and improved end of key stage outcomes.
  • Transition and increased focus on the continuation of the children's learning journey.
  • The upbeat teaching and teaching support team.

 What do you think about your child's school?

In addition to feedback and suggestions welcomed through our Open Door Policy, we are eager to receive parents’ views on how the school is doing via Ofsted's Parent View website.  Go to to register or login and follow the onscreen instructions to give your views of your child's school.