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Welcome to year 5

Year 5 is a challenging and exciting year as children move into the upper school and have more opportunities than ever before. It is an important year which prepares them for Year 6, so we expect children to work hard and make the most of the experiences on offer. We also go on lots of educational trips to enhance our learning in school and the renowned PGL towards the end of Year Five

PGL 2020

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Year 5 Topic Map Term 1

Mote Park

On Tuesday 2nd October, Year 5 went on their very first trip together as a year group! Our trip was to bring together our learning of Orienteering in PE, map reading in Geography and Pencil technique in Art! The children had a fantastic day taking part in the orienteering course at Mote Park and, with some help from Mr Hollamby, most groups managed to get round to the check points they needed to! Whilst some of us were orienteering, the other groups were sketching the landscape, focusing on proportion and shading! We all had a wonderful day out and the children really enjoyed themselves and luckily the weather was extremely kind to us! Hooray!

Careers Day

Our focus for Citizenship in term one was: savings; budgeting and thinking about careers. In the morning, we invited parents to come in and talk to the children about their careers. The children loved this, especially practising with some of the equipment. A huge thank you to the adults who gave up the morning to spend time with us. It was fantastic!

The children spent the afternoon thinking about ‘Needs V Musts’ - similarities and differences - which provoked some wonderful discussions in our classes. The children were then put into groups and had a budget to spend for a month, thinking about what they had learnt! The children approached this very maturely and spent their budget well! 

Orienteering afternoon

On the 16th October, we were blown away by the amount of parents and carers who braved the chilly, rainy weather to come in and try out the children’s orienteering courses. The children had been working hard in their PE lesson to create an orienteering course, using a range of different techniques and PE equipment. It was a really wonderful afternoon with the children showing off their skills and helping the adults to complete the different orienteering courses that had been created. We were so lucky with the weather; we had an hour where the rain stopped so everyone could enjoy the courses! Phew!


Year 5 Term 2 Topic Map

Animal fundraising day

To kick start our ‘Willesborough Wild Things’ topic, the children (and adults) found their favourite animal print and dressed up as an animal of their choice! Everyone made a fantastic effort and looked brilliant. The children brought in a donation of £1 to raise money so that we are able to adopt a Lion from The Big Cat Sanctuary. Later on in the term, a representative from the Big Cat Sanctuary will come in to talk to the children. As well as this, the children have created leaflets all about the Sanctuary which are going to be judged by the representative, winners of this will be able to visit the Sanctuary later on in the year as part of their adoption afternoons. What a treat! Thank you to all the children and adults who made such effort with their costumes and kindly donated so that we can support this fantastic cause!


Museum visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Mike who works at the Ashford Museum. The children sat and listened beautifully to Mike who was able to tell us a wealth of information about Ashford, local people and many more other interesting facts. He also was able to show the children different artefacts as well as a range of photos demonstrating Ashford’s local history! It was a fabulous afternoon – Thanks Mike!

English trip to the graveyard

Braving the weather again, Year five went to visit the graveyard to help with our writing in English, As luck would have it, we had perfect weather for the children to explore, use their five senses to create word banks and complete some sketching. Once we returned, the children then worked really hard to create setting descriptions based on what they had seen. 

RE trip to the Church

 On the 5th November, Year five were luckily enough to visit St. Mary’s Church as we are looking at different places of worship in RE. The new reverend was able to share key features of the church as well as different religious clothing that is important in different religious ceremonies. The children behaved wonderfully and found the whole experience really interesting.

Year 5 Term 3 Topic Map

Year 5 Term 4 Topic Map

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