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Welcome to year 4

Year 4 Topic Map Term 1

We have had an exciting start to year 4. Our first topic based on the BFG gave us lots to think about in our writing and led onto our discussions around digestion in our science lessons. We looked at Roald Dahl’s use of language and made connections between his ideas and our own. We worked collaboratively to model the human digestive system, although the process slightly grossed some of us out!

We all got to experience a trip to Pizza Express, seeing how the professionals make food and we reflected on how this would be different for a giant and for ourselves. We have a go at making food fit for a giant and even tried some of it!


Year 4 Term 2 Topic Map

In term 2, we are exploring the Anglo-Saxon world of Beowulf and Grendel through the actions of the monster and the use of Kennings – a descriptive technique from the time. By acting out invasions, we have been able to reflect on the impact they would have had on the Britons and the Anglo-Saxons. We have also solved a range of Anglo-Saxon problems including building boats and lighting fires!




Year 4 Term 3 Topic Map

Year 4 Term 4 Topic Map

Home Learning Challenges

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 Term 5 Love to Learn challenges

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Covid-19 Powerpoint

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