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Welcome to year 3

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Below you will find short profiles about the grown-ups in our Year 3 classes. 





Welcome Letter 

year 3 welcome letter sept 2024.pdf

 Term 1 Topic Map 

Year three have really enjoyed the first few weeks in the junior school and have made a lively start to their learning. Through our topic YEAR 3 ROCKS, we have been learning about the Stone-Age and the children were excited to be able to handle some real Stone-age artefacts from Maidstone Museum. We compared them with their modern-day equivalents and looked carefully at how they were made. Through our art learning, we have been exploring how to draw stone-age cave paintings using different types of charcoal. We experimented with line and tone and created some wonderful pictures. During our science learning, the children loved creating the rock cycle using plasticine to make igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. They have also loved investigating different types of rock to find out which would make the best roof by testing their hardness, durability and impermeability. In English, we have been writing instructions on how to wash a wooly mammoth and creating a non-chronological report about sabre-tooth tigers! What an exciting start to the year!

Term 2 Topic Map 

Term 3 Topic Map 

Term 4 

Term 5 Topic Map 

Our Core Texts

 Year 3 Learning Cafe 

Parents and carers were invited to an informative session to learn how English and Maths is taught in our school. Children joined their grown-ups afterwards to complete learning activities together.