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Our new school council representatives have been elected and they are raring to go! Let us introduce ourselves...

Year 3

Blyton – Erin and Oscar

Fletcher – Anna and Ayran

Dahl – Jacob and Mia

Year 4

Blake – Grace and Lillian

Britto – Isaac

Da Vinci – Ethan and Paige

Kahlo – Ivy-Mae and Mackie

Year 5

Gates – Ethan and Lucy

Earhart – Madhav and Anastasia

Fitzgerald – Sarah and Serena

Hawking – Abiya and Scarlett

Year 6

King – Thomas and Tommy

Rashford – Ethan

Thunberg – Alice

Keller – Yousuf 

6th November 

We had a very lively and productive meeting where we were still getting to know each other a little better. We discussed our ambitions for this term and came up with some brilliant ideas about how to improve our school even further. The children were very keen to walk around the junior school and list down different ideas to help build our agenda for this term! Watch this space, the junior counsellors are raring to go!

 13th November 

This week we were looking at the importance of wearing school uniform and reviewing our uniform policy. We first wrote down what we thought our uniform expectations were. Once these were written down, we looked onto our school website and a recent school newsletter to compare. We also discussed that more children are not wearing the ‘Willesborough’ uniform for PE. We also  had a long debate as to whether earrings should be allowed to be taped or to be taken out completely for PE. We concluded that ALL teachers must remind children to take all traces of jewellery out before a PE lesson.

Action points. 

  • Some children were confused if the P.E uniform includes a white polo top or just specifically a yellow one. Children to check with the school leadership team and feed back to their classes.