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Online Safety

The world we live in is changing rapidly and technological advancements are at the heart of this. We know that the use of the internet, mobile phones and online apps and games are rapidly becoming the norm and children have access to these from a young age. At Willesborough Junior School, we believe in equipping the children with the skills to use technology safely to ensure that they are digitally responsible.

At our school, online safety is an integral part of our curriculum. It is taught discretely as part of our Citizenship and Computing curriculum as well as incidentally, when and as appropriate. We celebrate the positives of technology, promoting responsible internet use, as well as talking to the children about ensuring their use of technology is safe.  

Our online safety curriculum intent is:

"Our children will develop their understanding of their rights and responsibilities in having ownership of their online behaviours, including (but not limited to): searching, creating, sharing, posting and streaming content.  Children will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to use digital devices to access the internet safely, and with the capacity to think critically about their intentions (and that of other users) whilst using the internet, and the reliability of sources.  Children will be able to articulate their positive experiences and concerns surrounding their online interactions with confidence, and know which trusted adults and organisations can safeguard them and their online activity.  Children will be knowledgeable about the implications of creating, sharing and viewing content in moderation, and the implications of this for their mental and physical wellbeing."

Internet Safety | Calverley CE Primary School

Our online safety curriculum has been well-considered to ensure that it is progressive and embedded. An overview of our online safety curriculum can be found on the link below: 

Our Online Safety Curriculum Overview

When developing policies and procedures, we follow online safety guidance provided to us by Kent County Council and the Education Safeguarding advisor. Our ‘Online Safety’ policy is held within the policies section of the website - this policy is reviewed annually.

If you have any questions about apps, devices or online activity and they are not listed below, please feel free to contact Andrea Cooper, our named DSL, or a member of our pastoral support team, who can be contacted via the school office or email address. As a school, we have access to numerous resources that help and support children and parents.

Below are some accessible, quick reference guides to help navigate the minefield that is online safety. We hope you find them useful.

Virgin Media Online safety test

Minecraft Reference Guide

Roblox Reference Guide

Smartphone Tips Reference Guide

Snapchat Reference Guide

TikTok Reference Guide

Whats App Reference Guide

You Tube Reference Guide

You Tube Kids Reference Guide 

Parent Workshop

We offer parents and carers advice and workshops each year to help them support their children stay safe online. Click the link below to find the handout from one of online safety parent information sessions.

E-safety session for parents

Below are some additional links to support parents/carers to help children use the internet safely at home…

Trading Standards online safety for children
Information for parents about keeping children safe online

Top tips for E-Safety 
Full of child friendly online safety advice. 
A fantastic website that lets you search games, apps and content of interest to children to gain a clearer understanding of their advised age restrictions.

If you are worried about anything you see online, you can seek advice on how to report this at: or