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Assemblies are an important part of our day. We come together to share our thoughts, feelings and views collectively . We explore themes, ideas, special events, current affairs and important days. We celebrate our children’s achievements and attendance each week in a Celebration Assembly. 






Stories from different cultures

 Learning about the legacy significant people have left


& Festivals 

Music Assembly

Celebration Assembly

In term one, we focused on  the term legacy and developed our understanding what this means for us in society today. We have reflected on the legacies left by various people across the globe and the impact this has had in shaping our world today. So far, we have learnt about Queen Elizabeth II, The Lionesses Girls' Football team, Ghandi and Coco Chanel. 

We are deepening our understanding of other cultures, learning about the significance of different festivals to people around our world. For example, Chinese Rabbit in the Moon Festival, Diwali, Harvest Festival and Navratri.

Celebration Assembly

Every Friday the whole school join together to celebrate the achievements of their peers. Within each class, two children will be nominated, each receiving one of the rewards shown below;

Willesborough Outstanding Work, WOW badge. Awarded in recognition of an excellent piece of work in any area of learning. The work is framed and displayed in ‘The Hub’.

Core Value Behaviour badge. Awarded in recognition of excellent behaviour, especially in relation to one of the school’s core values.

Throughout the week each house competes to gain the most house points for each of our core values. Each class competes to read the highest number of words and win the 'book battle' trophy. The winning houses and classes are announced in the Celebration Assembly.


Assemblies for Parents and Carers

Class Assemblies

Throughout the year, each class performs a special assembly for their parents and carers. This is a celebration of their learning for the term.

Pankhurst class led our Remembrance Assembly. They explained how Armistice day came about and the significance of the poppy. In class, they had written some emotive poems which were read before we had our two minutes silence. They helped us to understand the importance of reflecting and paying our respects for those who fought for our country.



Tutu class held an assembly all about our school’s characteristics for effective learning. They thought clearly about what each one meant and how we could demonstrate these skills in our learning.

Analysing and Evaluating

Making Connections

Asking Questions

Constructing Arguments

Thinking Critically

Collaborating with Others

Showing Empathy





Thunberg class led a History assembly based on their learning of World War Two. They gave us lots of information and helped us to empathise with people living during that time.





Mandela class delivered an assembly all about Children in Need. We learnt about the history of Pudsey and some of the good causes that receive money raised through this initiative. The audience were also gripped by ‘Ryley’s Rickshaw Challenge!’



Cook Class shared their assembly telling us about all the exciting learning opportunities they have had so far this year.

Our Choir and School Council share termly assemblies with children, parents and carers. 


Birthday Get Togethers

Once a month parents and carers are invited to a special Birthday 'Get Together' where the children whose birthdays fall within the month share cake and their great work with their adults.