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Year 5 Leaders of Learning Reports

Week ending 9th December 2016


Golden Eagles Leaders of Learning



Week ending 2nd December 2016


Yellowhammers Leaders of Learning

On the 30th of November 2016 it was Tudor day in Year 5.  We did lots of fun stuff such as making smelly bags called a pomander, which was used in the Tudor times. We made the pomanders out of lavender, rose petals, and spices.

We also made a Tudor rose out of paper. The Tudor rose was created because of a war between York and Lancaster. The Tudor rose is a mixture of Lancaster rose and York rose.

After that we went to the hall to learn to do a Tudor dance. It was very weird but we liked it.

Finally we made signet rings. Tudors used them for sending letters and they make sure the seal is together and if the seal is broken it means it has been read. We started to create one out of clay and made a pattern on them.

By Raj D and Molly S


Week ending 25th November 2016


Yellowhammers Leaders of Learning

We have been learning about timetables in maths. We have also been doing lots of evaporation and condensation. We have been learning about personification too! Also, we have been writing a recount about our Tudor walk from the last two weeks. Also, we’ve been learning lots in science including how to make crystals with salt. We put salt and water in petri dishes and waited for three days to see what happened. After the water evaporated, we left them for another few days so the crystals got bigger.

By Kacey and Joe 


Week ending 4th November 2016


Yellowhammers Leaders of Learning


We did column multiplication multiplying and we also did multiplication snakes and ladders. On Wednesday we did hundreds times tens. On Thursday we started to do short division/bus stop method bus stop method looks like this: 




We did poetry and read, Last night I saw the city breathing and we also read Goodnight Stroud, Block City.

By Kieran and Sophie



Week ending 20th October 2016


Yellowhammers Leaders of Learning

In maths we have been doing column multiplication which was really fun.

Also we did RE about Nuh.

Then we did English about poems for entering a competition.                                                                                 

All this was really fun.

Our favourite lessons are maths and science which we enjoy a lot.

All our lessons our great and we lovebeing in the Yellowhammers class.


                                                                By Tom D. and Katie S.


Week ending 14th October 2016


Golden Eagles Leaders of Learning

We’ve mostly enjoyed making sherbet but it didn’t turn out the way we thought it would. We also enjoyed the running races for the athletics. In maths, we enjoyed times tables and the column multiplication.

 By Jake and Hazel


Week ending 7th October 2016


Barn Owls Leaders of Learning

Over the period of last week, we have learned about a lot of things. One of our main topics was on the Vikings. In our ICT lessons, we have used prezzi to create a presentation all about Vikings. In art we also learnt about Viking art and their different designs. Later on in the week, we are also going to create some Viking jewellery. In English we were learning about a story from Greek mythology about Pandora and Prometheus. We are going to rewrite the story from another person’s perspective, as the original story is from Prometheus’s point of view. In maths we have been learning about column addition. To grasp column addition we have played many games such as ‘all around the world’ and ‘maths bingo’. In science we have been looking at how different solids dissolve in different temperature water. Last but not least we have been learning about different types of religions in R.E. We have also been looking at the holy books of each religion and their special symbol. Overall I have really enjoyed this past week and I have learnt a lot of interesting things.

By Angel, Year 5 Barn Owls


Skylarks Leaders of Learning

This week we have learnt in maths about column

subtraction, you must line up the digits.


You can do the Inverse to check calculations.


In English we are learning about instructions.

You must use bullet points or numbers and

Imperative verbs as well as adverbs of


By Joshua M and Aman, Skylarks


Week ending 30th September 2016


Yellowhammers Leaders of Learning

On Monday in English, we were describing settings, characters and atmospheres. We were writing opening sentences for different paragraphs and we were trying to make them as good as possible.  

On the same day, in maths we did a practical lesson. It means that we did different maths adding methods on our whiteboards and with base 10 blocks. We mainly focused on column addition.

The next day, we created some Viking art designs. We glued string on the cardboard and we covered them with foil and we also painted it. The colours we painted with were: bronze, gold, and silver.

Over the week, we also did some French with Mrs Deacon and we learned directions: North , south, east, west.

Over all I think this week has been terrific.

By Rameen, Millie and Sara.


Week ending 23rd September 2016


Yellowhammers Leaders of Learning

This week we learnt in maths how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We also learnt in maths about Roman Numerals e.g.: I=1 V=5 X=10 L=50 C=100 D=500 M=1000. In music we have learnt how to play the ukulele. We learnt how to hold it properly and put it down properly. We did Viking art like Jelling and Urnes . In English, we read the story of Prometheus and Pandora.

By Haliyah and Charlie F


Skylarks leaders of learning

This week in music we have been learning to play the ukulele. We had a professional come in to school to teach us. We enjoyed it because we had our own ukulele to play ourselves. In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals and we learnt the main letters and we started to add the numerals. This week for our homework we had to do a project about the Vikings. We enjoyed it because at home we made longhouses.

By Mia and Molly


Week ending 16th September 2016


Yellowhammers Leader of learning

When we were leaders of learning in the week, we learnt to play the ukuleles and we enjoyed it lots. In English we learned about subordinating conjunctions and where to put full stops, capital letters and to write in sentences. In maths we did place value. We learned a song to help us read big numbers to 1 million.

By Amy & Archie


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