Our Core Value for this term is DETERMINATION - firmness of purpose, will, or intention


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Year 3 Class Assemblies

Bumblebees Class Assembly


On Friday 19th May, the Bumblebees delivered an assembly on their topic for this term - Rome.  They were amazing!  Thank you to Mr Head and Mrs Rippin for all their hard work in producing such an informative assembly.


Dragonflies Class Assembly


On Friday 28th April, the Dragonflies class provided a fabulous assembly on the Romans for their parents and the rest of the school.

Grasshoppers Class Assembly


On Wednesday 29th March, the Grasshoppers provided an assembly on their topic of 'Disney' to their parents and the whole school.  They were fantastic!  Matei S. from Grasshoppers has written a fabulous article about it:



Is Disney good for you?

Well I think it is.


I will tell you what happened in Grasshoppers Class assembly.  We were reading a paragraph from the classic Disney film “Beauty and the Beast”.  We have been re-writing our own version of Cinderboy and we had different ideas for the ending.  We had two choices. One was the glass boot shattered or we could have the other step brother to be Royal Palace United’s star player. I went for the first choice.


Part of the assembly was to create a picture of a famous Disney character. We followed Andy Warhol’s style and we did Disney drawings. We got top tips from the Disney studios in California and we did a famous copy of the character Mickey himself – known worldwide.


The last part of the assembly included feelings and emotions and we acted the feelings in relation to the movie “Inside Out”.


Here are the feelings: it was anger, sadness and fear.


It all went very well and parents and teachers enjoyed it, and it demonstrated that children can express very well using characters and lines from their favourite movies: Disney is great!


I hope you enjoyed it too.


By Matei S.

Grasshoppers Class Journalist


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