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Junior Leadership Team

Willesborough Junior Leadership Team plays an important part in the life of the school, with the opinions and ideas of the children highly valued. It was set up to enable the children at WJS to have their say about how the school is run.  In addition, Junior Leaders also flag up issues and concerns of the children who elected them and have ideas about fun events for everyone to participate in. 


The WJS School Council is made up of 4 Junior Leaders per year group, one from each class, so the views of all pupils are represented.  They are the “pupil voice” of WJS.  Mrs Creeden works with the Junior Leadership Team and minutes (notes) are taken at each meeting as a record of what was discussed. 

Being a Junior Leader involves:-


  • Representing the views of their class at meetings;

  • Attending all meetings and making a commitment to the team for a whole school  
     year - Junior Leaders have a responsibility to take this job very seriously;

  • Encouraging other pupils to contribute by writing ideas/problems/issues/suggestions  
     through the school Junior Leadership Team boxes in their year group work areas;

  • Working collaboratively with other Junior Leaders;

  • Taking part in meeting discussions, putting forward opinions, listening and
     responding  to other Junior Leaders’ views;

  • Taking back what has been discussed at Junior Leadership Team meetings to their class;

  • Organising events or actions from the meetings;

  • Taking in turns to feedback and discuss meeting outcomes with Mrs King.

Could you be a School Junior Leader?

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  • St George's 1787
  • St Patrick's 1964
  • St David's 1877
  • St Andrew's 1937
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