Our Core Value for this term is DETERMINATION - firmness of purpose, will, or intention


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Charity Projects

Pilgrims Hospice


In October the children all took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for The Pilgrims Hospice, in memory of our teacher Mrs Christine King, who sadly died in July.  The Pilgrims Hospice cared for her and her family, and so they are our charity for this year.


The children walked laps of the playgroun, with each year group taking a turn on one afternoon, and some of the staff are taking took part in a sponsored walk in Canterbury on Saturday 22nd too.


We have set up a Just Giving page, and would be really grateful if people could make a contribution to our fundraising for this very worthwhile local charity, as Mrs King was a very popular and well-respected colleague and teacher.




Toilet Twinning -  Uganda


Did you know that you can twin your toilet with one in a deprived country?  Neither did we!  But one of the governors did, and following Rev McKenzie's suggestion we did some research.



Toilet Twinning


More than a third of the people in the world don’t have somewhere clean, safe and hygienic to go to the toilet.

Toilet Twinning was set up to help those in desperate poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to be healthy.


Toilet Twinning partners teach families the skills needed to build a simple loo and the importance of hygiene and hand washing, leading to improvement in health and a reduction in things like intestinal worms and diarrhoea.  These families are then able to become part of the local Community Development Team, who then help others build their own latrines.


When a latrine is built, a photo is taken and its longitude and latitude coordinates are sent to Toilet Twinning HQ.  You make a donation and receive a certificate of the latrine your toilet has been twinned with, along with its GPS coordinates so that you can look it up on Google maps.


You make a donation to twin your toilet, and this is used to help more families gain access to decent toilets, clean water and to promote good hygiene.


We are therefore proud to announce that our newly refurbished toilets in Years 4 & 6 have been twinned with toilets in Uganda - a country that we have previously had links with and raised money for.


You can look up the location of the two toilets using the latitude and longitude for each, which are as follows:-

-1.23698900, 29.92698900  and  -1.23249400, 29.92862200





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